Pass the Reparations Resolution for Black Students!

Call to Action! Tell OUSD School Board to pass the Reparations Resolution for Black Students!


Kampala Taiz-Rancifer, Oakland Education Association; Clarissa Doutherd, Parent Voices Oakland (PVO); Cat Brooks, Anti-Police Terror Project and Justice Teams Network; VanCedric Williams, Oakland School Board District 3; Jessica Black, Black Organizing Project; Pastor Anthony Jenkins Sr., Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church; Carroll Fife, District 3 Oakland City Councilmember and ACCE; Adrian Grays, Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN) parent leader; Saabir Lockett, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy; Mike Hutchinson, Oakland School Board District 5; Keith Brown, President of the Oakland Education Association; Noni Galloway, PVO parent leader; Pecolio Manigo, PLAN; Corina Petty, Color of Change; and, Luna Fife, 11th grade, Met West High School.

How Does Anti-Black Racism Show Up in OUSD?

  1. Lack of Targeted Resources
  2. Erasure of Black History
  3. Low Expectations
  4. Over Policing
  5. Microaggressions


Diane Lang, OUSD Principal; Kevin Goines, former OUSD Assistant Principal; Constance Rice, OUSD Teacher, Parent and Former Student; Niani Manigo, OUSD Student; Brieana Johnson, OUSD Teacher; and, Jermaine Ashley, Black Organizer and Parent.

What Do Black Students Need?


Jermaine Ashley, Black Organizer and Parent