Meet Our Team

Kampala Taiz-Rancifer is an inspiring figure in the Oakland Public Schools community. As both a parent to two children who have attended or graduated from Oakland Public Schools and an elementary school educator, Kampala has dedicated her life to closing the opportunity gap and advocating for civil rights issues affecting us today. Her experience as a union organizer with SEIU, United Healthcare Workers West was invaluable in leading her towards teaching – something she is passionate about. Currently serving as 2nd Vice-President of the Oakland Education Association, Kampala’s commitment to racial justice is evident through being one of the founding members of Black Women’s Caucus and working on passing Reparations for Black Students policies that will invest in OUSD students. She continues this work by being Lead Organizer with Reparations for Black Students campaign aimed at improving educational outcomes specifically for black students alongside educators’ working conditions.

 Pecolia Manigo is an inspiring example of a black mother, organizer and leader. She has been actively organizing Black student and parent leaders to lead the Reparations for Black Students Campaign as a member of the Justice for Oakland Students Coalition. This campaign seeks to close the opportunity gap in early childhood education system and public schools by 2026, which is especially important given the disproportionate impact on Black Families. Pecolia’s own experiences with her children in these systems provides invaluable insight into this issue that she will be sharing during our panel discussion – it’s clear that she deeply cares about ensuring quality education for all students! Her commitment to justice through leadership makes her a true asset in this fight against educational inequity.

Shaniah is an amazing example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. She recently graduated from Holy Names University with a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences, but her accomplishments go far beyond that. While at university she was the Black Student Union president and designed programs to engage black students as well as their peers. Furthermore, she secured an endowment fund to support black students experiencing financial difficulty in college and passed bills advocating for ethnic studies and culturally relevant curriculum while serving as Freshman & Senior class president! Not only has Shaniah used her background in biology to break down information coming from the CDC during this pandemic into layman’s terms for the community – which landed her a contract with Reparations For Black Students – but she serves as campaign coordinator where she has designed two youth programs aimed at increasing leadership capacity of black students in Oakland!

Ty is an Oakland native who truly embodies the spirit of leadership and activism. She graduated from Castlemont High School with a long list of accomplishments, including her service as All City Council President and Student Director on Oakland’s School Board. During her time in these roles, Ty worked hard to ensure that students throughout Oakland met their A-G requirements upon graduation while also engaging them in selecting a new superintendent. Her dedication to this cause extends beyond high school too; she initially supported the Reparations for Black Students Campaign as a phonebanker before taking on her current role as Student Fellowship Facilitator leading our Organizing Fellowship program to increase leadership capacity among Black students by providing them with tools needed to combat anti-black racism in Oakland public schools. 

 Mark knows firsthand civic engagement and political action have the ability to create positive change in the Bay Area. His commitment to African American folk through his service as Campaign Manager for Central Alameda County and elected official on both the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, and the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee has been inspiring. At just 24 years old, Mark made history by becoming the youngest people ever elected onto AC Transit Board of Directors in 2010. He continues this work today through his involvement with Reparations for Black Students Campaign, leading deep listening efforts including but not limited to phonebanking and canvassing which document Black families’ experiences in Oakland public schools. We are so grateful for Mark’s dedication towards creating a more equitable Oakland that recognizes reparations due to our Black students!


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